The TexLoc Library
The TexLoc Library provides useful information about fluoropolymer products. Below you will find charts, scales and facts to help you identify specific properties and attributes of the different fluoroplastic resins, FEP, PFA, PTFE, ETFE, ECTFE, THV, and PEEK™.


Charts and ScalesFacts
Celsius to Fahrenheit Quick Reference  Bend Diameters of Tubing
Chemical Resistance A-FChemical Resistance Summary
Chemical Resistance G-ZFAQ 
Conversion ChartFluoroplastic Materials
ECTFE PropertiesHow to install Fluoroplastic Hoses
ETFE PropertiesHow to shrink FEP Heat Shrink
Fahrenheit to Celsius Quick ReferenceHow to shrink FEP Roll Cover
FEP PropertiesHow to shrink PTFE Heat Shrink
French Catheter ScaleTechnical Terms
Fluoroplastics / Thermoplastics Comparison ChartTensile Strength of Fluoroplastic Tubing
Inches, Centimeters Millimeters Quick Reference US Pharmacopia Class Test for Plastics
Inches to Centimeters Quick Reference Fluoropolymers, Fluoroelastomers, Perfluoroelastomers Comparison
PEEK™ Properties 
PFA Properties  
Property Comparison Chart  
PTFE Properties  
PTFE Burst Pressure Chart  
PVDF Properties  
THV Properties 
Fluoroplastic Tubing
Types Of Tubing
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