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How To Shrink Guide-PTFE Tex-Shrinkable Tubing
TexLoc PTFE heat shrinkable fluoropolymer tubing is a high quality tube that has been expanded mechanically to slide over a part. It is then heated to shrink down to a tight fit that will not fall off. It can be manufactured in a variety of shrink ratios depending on the type of material. PTFE heat shrink tubing is the most difficult of the three fluoroplastic materials to shrink because of the extreme shrink temperature.  The most reliable way to shrink PTFE is in a controlled temperature oven. You can use a heat gun or welding torch but it is very difficult to use these methods because they have the tendency to overheat the material in one area while the remainder of the material is too cool to shrink.  

PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) - Shrink Temperature: 621F/327C 

  1. Read all instructions first. 
  2. Large objects or solid rods must be pre-heated to get a uniform shrink on  the length of the large object being overheated.
  3. If you have a long cable or tube to shrink over, start at one end and rotate while applying heat.  This will give a uniform shrink with no air bubbles between the shrink tubing and the rod or cable.
  4. Heat uniformly around the shrink tubing until the tubing  becomes clear (gel state).  It is absolutely necessary to heat to the gel state because recovery will not take place unless this is done.
  5. Remove the heat source to prevent overheating.  Allow the shrink tubing to cool slowly.  Rapid quenching in water may freeze the material and prevent complete recovery.

CAUTION:  If the tubing cracks, you have probably over heated the material.


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