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Value Added Services
Parker-TexLoc offers value added secondary services that compliment our production capabilities and quality. These services are in place to meet the increasing customization and design criteria that our customers expect from a world-class supplier.

The value added services detailed below are typical of the products and secondary services that we provide to customers. At TexLoc, process capabilities are continuously re-created and fine tuned to provide customers with state of the art processes.

If you have secondary process that we have not detailed below please provide us with your requirements by using the customer request form, phoning or e-mailing. Our Application Engineers are ready and available to answer questions and assist in your design or material selections.
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dual containment fitting

Assemblies with fittings

From ultra pure applications to dual containment assemblies, TexLoc utilizes most standard fittings and connections.

heat shrink for roll cover applications, instruments and other materials

Custom Shrinking

Turnkey services are available. TexLocs applies heat shrink tubing products onto customer hardware, probes and instruments. Design and development assistance is also available..

cuffed tubing


Custom cuffing services provide customers with the flexibility to order convoluted or corrugated tubing with smooth cuff ends for the installation of connectors and fittings.

cut ptfe


Cutting services provide customers with the ability to order custom cut to length pieces to precision tolerances of +/- .010" inches. Cut services can be customized for custom coil lengths and straight lengths.

drilled tubing - tubing with holes


Custom drilling and punching services are available. Multiple holes and/or shapes can be applied to the tubing using specialized equipment.

etched tubing - tube etching - bondable tubing - bonding ptfe

Etching - Inside or Outside Diameter

TexLoc provides the industry with a highly effective etch that can be applied in-line as well as off-line. Etching chemicals are used to modify the surface of the fluoroplastic materials to enhance the bondability of the material surface. 

ptfe lined hoses with industrial fittings


TexLoc provides custom engineered, PTFE lined hose assemblies for industrial, pharmaceutical and chemically corrosive applications. 


ptfe - fep tubing with flanges


TexLoc's precision flaring and flanging processes are based on custom engineered equipment and years of experience.

flared ptfe


Custom engineered flaring equipment and years of experience provide consistent quality from part to part.

retractable fep tubing - rectrable ptfe coiled tubes

Retractable tubing

Retractable tubes consist of multiple, retractable coils in a single tube and are designed to provide unrestricted flow in confined spaces. 




Paratubing combines two or more tubes longitudinally.  Paratubing is used in electrical, industrial and medical applications allowing for easy identification of tube connections.  Tubes may also be separated from each other as multiple fluid conduits.


tube marking - marked tubing


TexLoc has the ability to laser mark and/or print on specific materials. Please contact our engineers for technical advice on marking technology and application specifics.


spiral wrapped tubing


TexLoc has developed specialized methods and tooling for the precision scoring, slitting and spiraling of smooth bore, convoluted or heat shrinkable tubing.   

wire wrapped convoluted tubing


Convoluted tubing can be reinforced with wire on the inside or the outside diameter of the tubing for increased crush resistance or vacuum.  

wire wrapped convoluted tubing

Special Packaging/Labeling

TexLoc offers customer labels and bar coding, special printed boxes and special quantity packaging so that you have only to stock your shelves.  

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