Heat Shrinkable Tubing
Fluoroplastic Heat Shrink Tubing - PTFE, FEP, PFA
High temperature, chemical resistant resins make TexLoc® heat shrink tubing ideal for harsh environments where chemicals and/or heat are present.
  • PTFE and FEP fluoropolymer heat shrink tubing products are USP Class VI and FDA compliant, making them suitable for many medical and food applications.
  • PFA heat shrink gives you the high temperature range of PTFE with the lower shrink temperatures of FEP.

TexLoc offers custom sizes and colors as well as value added services such as tube scoring, slitting and custom shrinking. Want to know more? Just Ask Us.
  Key Benefits:
  • Excellent chemical and corrosion resistance
  • Very low moisture absorption
  • Good anti-stick/release surface possible
  • Available resins: PTFE, FEP, PFA and ETFE
  • FDA & USP Class VI Compliant
  • Wide range of shrink ratios



Continuous Use

Heat Shrink Type



-100 to 400F
 -75 to 200C
FEP Heat Shrinkable, 1.3:1 Shrink,
AMS-DTL-23053/11A, ASTM D2902, Type II

FEP Heat Shrinkable, 1.6:1 Shrink,
AMS-DTL-23053/11A, ASTM D2902, Type II


1" diameter and below
410F/210C over 1" diameter 430F/ 221C

FEP Rollcover -100 to 400F
 -75 to 200C
FEP Heat Shrinkable, 1.25:1 Shrink,
ASTM D2902, Type II

for 10 minutes
ETFE -100 to 302F
 -75 to 150C
ETFE Heat Shrinkable, 1.5:1 Shrink,
AMS-DTL-23053/14A,CLASS 1
for 10 minutes
PFA -100 to 500F
 -75 to 260C
 ASTM D2902, Type III  Quoted on Request 400F/204C
for 10 minutes
PTFE -100 to 500F
 -75 to 260C

PTFE High Shrink Ratio,  4:1 Shrink,
AMS-DTL-23053/12A, Class 5, AMS 3584

PTFE Standard Wall - Insulation, 2:1 Shrink
AMS-DTL-23053/12A, Class 2, AMS 3586

PTFE Thin Wall - Insulation, 2:1 Shrink
AMS-DTL-23053/12A, Class 3, AMS 3585

PTFE Light Wall - Insulation, 2:1 Shrink
AMS-DTL-23053/12A, Class 4

PTFE Heavy Wall, 2:1 Shrink,
AMS-DTL-23053/12A,Class 1 - Quoted on Request

PTFE Fractional Inch Insulation, SW & TW 2:1 Shrink,
AMS-DTL-23053/12A, CLASS 2, AMS 3586
for 10 minutes
 Double Shrink
(please contact Sales)
-100 to 450F
 -75 to 231C
PTFE/FEP Double Shrink, PTFE Outside-FEP Inside  680F/360C

How To Shrink

FEP Rollcover
How To Shrink
How To Shrink
How To Shrink
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