Types of Tubing
Parker TexLoc of Ft. Worth, Texas offers a wide range of striped PTFE tubing for identifying chemical processes and fluid handling lines or other types of connections where quick tube identification is necessary. ColorTrax™ tubing provides instant - positive identification of lines without obstructing the view of the media flowing through the tube. Also, because the stripe runs the entire length of the tube, operators can easily distinguish one line from another without having to search for identification labels.

Unlike traditional marking systems, ColorTrax markings are part of the extrusion process and create a permanent marking that resists rub-off, chemical attack and heat deterioration. Additionally, the pigmented portion of the tubing is confined to the tube's outer wall, thus avoiding any risk of contaminating the process fluids inside.

ColorTrax PTFE tubing operates in temperatures up to 500F/260C and features the lowest coefficient of friction for any fluoropolymer tubing. It is also chemically inert, non-wetting and non-leaching. ColorTrax is available in sizes up to 1" O.D. and in up to ten striping colors. For more lines, two stripes can be placed side by side of the same or different colors.
Key Benefits:
  • Provides instant, positive identification on lines without view obstruction
  • Permanent, will not rub off
  • Color will not invade media flowing through tube
  • Non-leaching
  • One or more stripes available
  • Multiple colors
Fluoroplastic Tubing
Types Of Tubing
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